We are highly experienced marketers who love to work with small businesses! We are your competitive ‘Edge’ over your competition.


How can you provide all of this at this price?

Simply, we have built a highly effective and efficient infrastructure including people and cloud-based technology, so the thousands of dollars it would normally cost you per month to have your own marketing department is shared with many other small businesses across the US. Essentially, you are significantly reducing your costs by sharing this infrastructure with other like minded small business owners.


I have seen websites cost double, triple or more compared to what you are charging, why?

Your website is your most important digital asset and we want to make sure it is in place and done correctly so the marketing results will follow. We can build a properly branded and highly effective website for you at a much lower price point than you may see elsewhere simply because of the cloud-based technology we use. However, we don't build websites for just anybody; you must be a client.


Are your services available in my state?

We are headquartered in Colorado and offer marketing services to small businesses in all fifty states. We are living and working in a digital age and provide the same, excellent results no matter where your small business is located. We are a high-tech virtual company and have staff all over the US. This low overhead strategy is key to offering our high quality marketing services at such an excellent price point to you.


How much does it cost?

We offer marketing services plans starting at only hundreds of dollars per month, with additional plans available based on increased service levels. We also have additional à la carte services that you may utilize as needed and only pay for what you use. We do not publish our entire price list on our website for competitive reasons, however please contact us and we will be happy to provide it for interested small business owners and managers.


What results can I expect?

Of course results vary, however we have never failed to produce a positive return on investment with our services. We have clients that have been hit hard by the recession and are thrilled to be back in the black... some have literally doubled their business.

Much of it depends on your current situation when we start, how willing you are to embrace marketing and how long you've been using our services. Other varying factors can be: the size and depth of the initial ‘marketing vacuum’, upside potential and of course the customer experience delivered at your small business.


Are your contracts long term?

No. Our simple client agreement can be cancelled at anytime with a 60 day notice. However, we always strive to build long term client relationships and have been successful in doing so. Your success is our success.


How do you work with your clients?

You will be assigned a highly qualified Marketing Manager that will be your day to day contact. Supporting that person is our technology infrastructure and other great marketing people with different specialties. So you may think of us as your own expert marketing department. We are definitely Your Business Edge.


How long have you been in business?

Our company has been successfully providing marketing services to small businesses since 2007.


How long does it take to create and build everything needed to begin marketing our business?

A reasonable expectation is that the first thirty days after signing up will be spent plugging you in to our technology infrastructure, consulting with you in detail and creating and building your core marketing assets. This is called our on-boarding process which your Marketing Manager will oversee for you.


How much time do you need from me?

Over the first month, expect a few hours of your time during the on-boarding process as we consult with you in detail about your particular situation (which varies by client). Ongoing, it depends on the service plan and other available services you choose, but it will be a fraction of the time you’d spend trying to do it yourself.


Are you working with our competition and can we hire you exclusively?

We do not work with chains or franchises but it is possible we may work with another independent small business you may consider your competition. However part of our client agreement includes a non-disclosure so we never discuss your business particulars with others. In addition some of our clients have actually created some great cross-promotions with other small businesses. Kind of a competition/cooperation arrangement that benefits them both.


Why should I choose you?

The simple answer? RESULTS. Our deep marketing expertise and marketing processes have produced excellent results for our client small businesses. We save you time & money while creating an ongoing ‘Marketing Machine’ that increases your revenues by helping new customers find you and your existing customers visit you more often and spend more. We create long term relationships and our clients love us.


In a nutshell, how does it work?

As a client of YourBusinessEdge you are assigned a highly qualified marketing manager that is your key point of contact. We build and actively manage the core assets of your ‘Marketing Machine’ for a set monthly fee depending on your desired activity level. Then all other marketing services are available to you on as as needed basis and you only pay for what you use.


How do I increase my revenues?

Here is the ‘secret sauce recipe’ to increasing your revenues:

  • Correctly build, maintain and consistently update your ‘Marketing Machine.’
  • Create good and current content to feed the machine consistently.
  • Drive digital traffic between touch points.
  • Engage, engage and engage some more.
  • Repeat above steps over and over again.
  • As budget allows, invest in the proper acquisition advertising.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry about it; we are experts and do this for you.


I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have. You may call us at 303-532-4408 or fill out the Contact Us form. Note that we do not staff ‘salespeople,’ only marketing professionals so expect a consultative experience and not a pushy sales experience.


How do I get started?

You may call us at 303-532-4408 or fill out the Contact Us form to speak with a marketing professional. We will answer any questions you have and lead you through the signup process.